EREK - your reference point on business competitiveness through resource efficiency.

Over the years, EREK has achieved the creation of a pan-European community – including in particular resource efficiency providers, experts and environmental agencies – that facilitates the creation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and good practices.

It has also created a virtual knowledge centre with a catalogue of more than 600 fiches provides hard evidence for companies to be able to engage in resource efficiency solutions and the mapping of more than 360 support programmes from all over Europe and information on EREK network members can help and support the transfer of knowledge among members.

The project has produced a strategic report on the role of clusters and the circular economy, 18 newsletters and five quarterlies on topics such as ‘Digitalisation and Resource Efficiency’, ‘Eco-design: get off to a good start in the circular economy’ and ‘Industrial Symbiosis’. The website also hosts a library with the latest reports on resource efficiency and the circular economy.

EREK has also organised 12 workshops, two webinars and an international conference, reaching out to more than 1,000 participants; SMEs, business support organisations, academics and policy makers.

November 2017

Resource efficiency in the manufacturing industries.

March 2018

Circularity and resource efficiency within the public sector in UK and Europe.

May 2018

Technical assistance tools and public support schemes to exploit resource efficiency to potential on SMEs.

September 2018

Resource Efficiency on the tourism sector.

October 2018

Let’s help SMEs to go circular.

February 2019

Compete in a more resource efficient and circular economy by policy and eco-design.

March 2019

Lessons learned from delivering resource efficiency support programmes to SMEs in Europe – insights from France, Scotland and Estonia.

March 2019

Making a recycling of packaging waste a profitable business for SMEs.

May 2019

Circular Europe – EU Cluster Conference 2019.

June 2019

Improving Resource Efficiency through industrial symbiosis – Opportunities for SMEs.

September 2019

Boosting resource efficiency in the real economy.

What do Game of Thrones, Tomorrowland and Carnival have in common? A waste management challenge.

Circular Europe

Circular Europe

Parallel session on ‘Circular Europe’ that EREK organised and moderated during the EU Cluster Conference 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The attendance of EREK to the EU Cluster Conference 2019 helped to have a first contact with potential interviewees for the ad-hoc report on clusters. As well as to collect contact information for other.

What do Game of Thrones, Tomorrowland and Carnival have in common? A waste management challenge

What do Game of Thrones, Tomorrowland and Carnival have in common? A waste management challenge

Parallel session on waste on the cultural sector during the EREK International Conference. It was co-organised by OVAM. This event was moved from a full day event, to a parallel session at the final conference, due to limited timescales to deliver events that would have the scale and impact required.

Boosting resource efficiency in the real economy

Boosting resource efficiency in the real economy

Parallel session on financing resource efficiency during the EREK International Conference, co-organised by KÖVET. Originally conceived to be a full day workshop, it was moved to be a parallel session. This was due to the limited time available to deliver a strong and successful workshop.