Miniature electro valves for artificial ventilators

By: Nina Hoppmann
Created: 31 March 2020 - 05:03
Updated: 31 March 2020 - 05:03

The General Secretariat for Industry and Small and Medium Entreprise within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in Spain has recently published an emergency post informing that AMETIC, the Spanish Electronics and IT Association of Industries is looking for miniatures electro valves. AMETIC is managing the support to scale up production in Spanish companies that manufacture artificial ventilators, in a call opened by the Ministry. 

If you can help, please contact: mar.villarrubia [at]

Further information: 

The House of Belgium
31 March 2020
Please specify the partnumber

Please specify the partnumber of the valves please

31 March 2020
Part numbers

Hi. This is the info published by the Spanish Ministry of Industry:

  • Parker X-Valve X-1-05-L-F
  • Parker VSO LowPro model 8
  • Parker VSO LowPro model 4

Is this enough information for you?

The House of Belgium
31 March 2020
Part NUmbers

I have found the part numbers in the Twitter link thank you. I have send you an email...

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