Conversion of Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilator into Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

By: Duarte Almeida
Created: 3 April 2020 - 02:04
Updated: 22 April 2020 - 08:04

Already tested and validated, this solution allows the addaptation of non-invasive ventilators into Invasive Mechanical Ventilation.

Using equipment already available on the market and hospitals, on crisis scenarios such as Covid-19 pandemic context, this solution increment immediately the invasive mechanical ventilation capacity available at hospitals worldwide, at a very low cost.

  • Results were submitted on European Journal of Anaesthesiology, peer-reviewed and accepted for publication.
  • Formal Request Submitted to Infarmed (Portuguese National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, I.P.), formally subscripted by 180 doctors (in Portuguese).

All Details:

Technical details.

Circuit Diagram.

Circuit Detailed Images.

Circuit Video.

Infarmed Request (In Portuguese).

Bosch tests setup.

Bosh tests setup video.

Our priorities:

  1. Get paper published.
  2. Spread this information to hospitals and countries where there is a shortage of invasive ventilators.
  3. Get Infarmed Request approved.

Our Contacts:

- Paulo-Roberto C Ferreira, anesthesiologist; Pauloroberto.xpta [at]; +351 967 546 707

- Duarte Almeida, Process Development Engineer. Duarte.almeida [at]; +351 912 631 024

Nina Hoppmann
22 April 2020

Thank you for the update on the validation, Duarte! Do you have any news on the homologation? 

22 April 2020

Hello Nina,

This solution do not request any further formal homolgation and can be used as of today, regarding that all the used equipments are already homolgated and availabe on Hospitals.

Regarding Infarmed Request (Portugal scope), we still do not have any feedback. Yet, in Portugal the situation is relatively calm and no ventilation shortages are likely to occur.

Therefore, the main focus currently is to make this information available, as soon as possible, to the countries, regions and hospitals where this shortage exists or is likely to exist.

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