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Need circuits and filters of ventilators

French hospitals are needing circuits and filters of ventilators. GENOPOLE, french cluster member of France Clusters, is looking for suppliers and manufacturers who can produce some of them with these descriptive notes.…...
Covid-19 forum

Conversion of Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilator into Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

Already tested and validated, this solution allows the addaptation of non-invasive ventilators into Invasive Mechanical Ventilation. Using equipment already available on the market and hospitals, on crisis scenarios such as Covid-19 pandemic context, this solution increment immediately the invasive...
Covid-19 forum

Miniature electro valves for artificial ventilators

The General Secretariat for Industry and Small and Medium Entreprise within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in Spain has recently published an emergency post informing that AMETIC, the Spanish Electronics and IT Association of Industries is looking for miniatures electro valves. AMETIC...