Presentation from the JRC of its tool on supply chain raw materials, discussion about the disruption on plastics supply chain

By: Elisa Carelli
Created: 29 May 2020 - 07:05
Updated: 29 May 2020 - 09:05

In the meeting on 29th  May, JRC -ISPRA presents its tool on supply chain raw materials and the European Cluster Alliance  discuss about disruption on plastic supply chian.

Many experts joint the meeting:

  • Constantin CIUPAGEA, JRC-ISPRA and the JRC D3 Unit staff
  • Dolors PLA, Cluster MAV

Constantin CIUPAGEA Head  of Unit JRC D3, Simone Manfredi, Jaco Huisman,Kostas Georgitzikis, Cristina Matos, Simone Nessi present the Raw Materials information System with the outline . EC/ JRC RMIS, born in 2015 , supporting the EU raw materials knowledge Base end is endorsed by the Circular economy Plan. Today RMIS support to the new European Commission's priorities . The RMSI devolope an EU Science hub that involved different topics. They focused on supply chain viewer that provides an overview of network of selected raw material supplay chain and try to identify the bottlenecks in the supply chain. They present the Material System Analys (MSA) that is a data set of material flows and stocks through the Eu economy and the LCA methods that can be used for all supply chains.  

Dolors Pla from Advance material cluster from Catalogna (MAV) present the disruptions in the supply chain that they map: non-woven meltblown layers, lack of PLA filament and PMMA/PVC sheets.

Patrick VUILLERMOZ from Plastipolis , born in 2005  and focused on plastics, composites and polymers with more than 350 members.  The cluster in the crisis time stars initiaves and action: information and sharing and match making, preparation of post covid recovery, develope an Europe and intercluster connection and propose new industrial projects related to the need of the moment. They devolope a analysis of disruption of supply chain in plastic sector and try to identify the upcoming challenges

Athanasios G. KONSTANDOPOULOS form CERTH present an overview of a case study , in depth debate in European Cluster Alliance (ECA), that is focused in transparent protective sheets supply chain disruption.

We start to analysis the industrial ecosystem and his evolution with a structured approach. 

The resilience is an intrinsic property of the network that cluster offers to solve critically and in order to identify disruption we devolped a survey.  

How can be overcome the disruptions in plastic sector? What are the solutions in this sector?

Check the previous meetings and discover the next sessions.


JRC-D3 presentation on RMIS_29.05.2020_final.pdf ClusterMAV-disruptions material value chain.pdf Plastipolis_ECA Plastics disruption session May29_vf.pdf ECA-CERTH-Disruption-Transparent-Plastic-Barriers.pdf

29 May 2020
To promote the Good Experiences

This session was very interesting and important, with a lot of information about the extreme importance of the good management of the value chain. Promoting the good experiences and disseminating a culture of value sharing we contribute to a common positive strategy in the future. 

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