Clusters Continuity through the Crisis. (21/05/2020)

By: Davide Boselli
Created: 21 May 2020 - 07:05
Updated: 21 May 2020 - 09:05

In the meeting on 21 May, the European Cluster Alliance talked abuot the Clusters Continuity through the Crisis.

The session is open to debate and all partecipants are invitated to share contributions and experiences. 

The main topic about the daily session is about what is happening in cluster (during the crisis) and how it is possible to help and improve them.

Clusters are actually going through different kind of problems because of companies problem reguarding members alternation, lack of liquidity, fees and continue projects.

During crisis time, a lot of innovative projects are stoppedPublic Administrations are actually not flexible enough, and companies seem to be a little scared: which are the solutions? 

Relationship is always the solution: actually clusters need to create good relationship with the companies inside the clusters but also with the companies outside the network and off course with civil society.

An open question is shared by the audience: are clusters able to receive institutional memory?


ECA daily minutes 21.05.2020.pdf

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21 May 2020
New Challenges for Clusters

In this Next Normal Clusters must make an intelligent commitment between global and local, creating new kinds of solutions for their companies. Trust and Competence will be keys in the future and the capacity of involving their companies in this agenda will clarify the importance of the role of clusters in a new innovation and competitiveness agenda.

Nina Hoppmann
21 May 2020
"The Big Failure of Small Government"

"The countries that have handled the crisis well are those where the state maintains a productive relationship with value creators in society, by investing in critical capacities and designing private-sector contracts to serve the public interest." MARIANA MAZZUCATO/GIULIO QUAGGIOTTO

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