Analysis of Disruptions in the Retail Ecosystem (25/05/2020)

By: Elisa Carelli
Created: 25 May 2020 - 06:05
Updated: 25 May 2020 - 01:05

In the meeting on 25 May, the European Cluster Alliance start the Analysis of Disruption in the Retail Ecosystem.

The main topic about the daily session is about the disruption in the Retail Ecosystem 

The session is open to debate and all partecipants are invitated to share contributions, experiences and solutions.

Today the closer of shops create a big problem for owners and it's time to go in deep to try to find solutions.

We can divide the retail in two groups:  large retail and small- medium and traditional and the shops that have never been close and the other that are closed.

Also in this sector the supply and value chain has been interrupt and we can see problem with liquidity, stock and the changes of channels of commerce

There is also a financial problem for the future in the retail ecosystem.

If we talk about disruption we can find  same logistics interruption, a lack of capability to sell through internet, peoples are obliged  to stay at home, we are more local and less global.

How we can overcome this disruption in the Retail ecosystem? What are the solutions?


2020.05.25 ECA dailyminutes.pdf

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25 May 2020
A New Agenda for Retail

The value chaine of retail will suffer some important changes with this crisis - the digital will reinforce its position, specially in terms of relation to customers and markets, the importance of trust between the stakeholders will be critical and the support of creative industries and new developing networks will help the sector in the future to reinvent itself and sustain its competitiva advantage.

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