Analysis of Disruptions in the Agri-food Ecosystem (22/05/2020)

By: Elisa Carelli
Created: 22 May 2020 - 07:05
Updated: 25 May 2020 - 01:05

In the meeting on 22 May, the European Cluster Alliance starts the Analysis of Disruption in the Agri-food Ecosystem.

The main topic about the daily session is about the disruption in the Agri-food ecosystem:  we start to see whats happen in this sector, try to detection the disruptions but also start to think about the future.

SMART food cluster managed by Lithuanian food exporters association (LitMEA) illustrate the situation with the abroad markets that are closed but also the local market that are full and there is a strong competition and then the prices grow up. There is also a big problem with the exhibition that are empty. Fortunatly there is no problems with the workforces.

The Digital Innovation Hub in Lithuania with the digitalization and the analysis of big data try to help farmers to manage their business.

Also in the other European countries the store are full of products because there is a lack of events, the poeple form different sector (tourism,social, restorant) start to help in agriculture sector.  We can see that we have big problem with plastic waste

There is also a lack of inks in packaging sector for food, workforces and problems with the certification of products.

An important problem for companies it is the export with the logistic system. This is a big challange. 

How we can overcome this disruption in the agrifood sector? Which are the solutions?



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