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Welcome to the COVID19 Forum for Industrial Cluster Actors

The COVID-19 forum has been closed for comments. We are working on a new website and forum in preparation for the European recovery. For now, you can still review discussions taken place so far and get access to the communities collective knowledge and the responses to COVID-19 (private and public measures, initiatives, technologies and much more). To get further information on how to engage with the cluster community, please click here.

Forum Rules

1. This forums purpose is not matching demand and supply. Solutions and demands to be placed only through a cluster organisation or public authorities. Demands to clearly state a contact official email address of the respective organisation. Links to products, services, resources, websites, other promotional material allowed if related to current pandemic.
2. No spam content (defined as unrelated content) or copyright infringing material - the moderator reserves the right to block or delete the account of any user posting spam content.
3. No content that could be deemed offensive to users
4. Remain respectful of other members at all times
5. Moderators have the right to remove any content deemed to infringe the forum rules, and to suspend or delete the accounts of any user posting against the rules.
6. Disclaimer: Neither the European Commission nor the ECCP are responsible for the content of any posts on this forum or the use which may be made of the content. Please only post your contact details if you are willing to be contacted by any of the registered users.
7. For the protection of the site and users, all new topics on the forum will be validated by a moderator before they are made live. Individual posts on the forum will be checked by moderators on an ongoing basis. Validation and checking will take place during business hours Monday to Friday (08.00-20.00 CET) and the forum will be closed to new posts outside these times.
8. We kindly request that all posts are in English as this platform is English only and our moderation staff cannot support and respond effectively to all other European languages
9. Please ensure your user profile is updated to include your name and company information in order to aid the discussions. Any user posting solely a company name or with anonymous details will be contacted by a moderator and asked to update their details before posting further. Moderators reserve the right to remove posts made by unidentified users.

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