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Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk Webinar: International Technology Transfer

Technological cooperation between Europe and third countries has intensified over the past years. The European Commission has stimulated cooperation through various initiatives such as the participation in EC founded projects (like the International IP SME Helpdesks or the EU-Japan Techonology Transfer Helpdesk) or the opening of multiple European Enterprises Network offices around the world. 

The webinar International technology transfer – best practices and lessons learned is organized by Latin America IP SME Helpdesk. In this webinar, European SMEs and researchers interested in Technology Transfer (TT) will be introduced to the main aspects to be considered when conducting such activity abroad, as well as the EU-funded initiatives that support it, with Intellectual Property as key element. 

What to expect:

  • What is Technology Transfer  and why is it important
  • Main aspects of Technology Transfer within Europe and third countries
  • Intellectual Property as a business tool
  • How to choose the right business partner
  • Main contracts for safe Technology Transfer
  • Regional specifities and challenges in China, Latin America, South-East Asia and Japan
  • Key messages to succeed
  • Main EU-supporting platforms for internationalization
  • Best practices and watch outs when dealing with Technology Transfer in the destination territories

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