The Amphitheatre Foundation, manager of Glocal Romania Cluster, in partnership with Bucharest City Hall organises the 4th edition of the International Forum for Responsible Tourism. The event will be held between 9-11th November in Bucharest.

The International Forum for Responsible Tourism aims to create a platform for presenting and debating best practices in responsible tourism. The conference brings together a variety of tourism stakeholders including local administrations, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations, members of the civil society, as well as academics with research interests in the field. The papers presented in the Forum are both theoretically informed and empirically grounded and there is particular emphasis on scholarship that can be applied, serving as a base for training and guiding various tourism practitioners.

The 4th edition of the International Forum for Responsible Tourism will be examining how tourism can tap into local cultural and social resources through creative industries, social enterprises and technology, and how it can contribute to the development of communities.

Participants are invited to send papers exploring the following main themes that will be debated during the Forum:

  • Challenges of preserving, enhancing and promoting local identity and social capital through tourism
  • Developing tourism through creative industries and social economy
  • The social – local –digital triangle: a new approach in the marketing of local communities
  • Social economy – a possible solution to current challenges in tourism?
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