As part of the Advanced Technologies for Industry project, the European Commission is organising a workshop on “How to improve cyber resilience of SMEs by successfully implementing policy initiatives”, which will take place on 9 February (9:30 to 12:30 CET).


There is no digital transformation without cybersecurity. The digitisation of SMEs is an important and considerable challenge, with evidence showing that SMEs are hesitant when it comes to adopting new technologies.

Despite market volume and business growth opportunities, most SMEs continue to lag behind. Cyber risks threaten business continuity in two ways. The first threat is to SMEs themselves, as 60% of SMEs that are the victim of a cyber attack do not recover and have to shut down within six months. The second relates to cyber criminals increasingly looking towards SMEs as a gateway to the supply chain they are a part of, and hence also putting larger corporations in the chain at risk.

The crucial question is, how can SMEs be supported to become cyber-proof? What are the key elements of implementing policies successfully and which stakeholders are essential in this process? This seminar will provide answers to these questions from good practice experiences as part of an interactive debate.

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