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European-Asian Cluster Matchmaking Event Opportunity For ICT Clusters

European Innovation Week - Taiwan
European-Asian Cluster Matchmaking Event Opportunity for ICT Clusters


An ICT-focused cluster matchmaking event took place during the European Innovation Week in Taipei (Taiwan) from the 30th of May to the 1st of June of 2016. The Cluster Matchmaking Event coincided with the COMPUTEX Fair. The Event represented a real opportunity to foster cooperation between European and Asian clusters and their SME members within the ICT field.

The Cluster Matchmaking Event was part of the European Innovation Week in Taiwan (30th of May to 3rd of June 2016). The European Innovation Week was a joint initiative of the European Commission in collaboration with Silicon Europe Worldwide, Enterprise Europe Network (represented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council - TAITRA), EU Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

The delegation consisted of 23 cluster representatives from 11 different EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Spain). These cluster organisations represented a range of ICT domains, such as micro- and nano-electronics, digital technologies, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, and energy. During the European Innovation Week, the cluster representatives had the opportunity to participate in a series of informative and networking activities, which included a Cluster Introduction Session, a Matchmaking Session, several seminars, a  Guided tour to COMPUTEX, company visits and a Welcome Reception.

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“The Cluster Matchmaking Event organised in the context of the European Innovation Week in Taiwan (May 30th – June 1st 2016) allowed GAIA to establish contacts with other clusters and business associations in the ICT and electronic sector.

At the same time, we could gain insight into the trends of Industry 4.0 in Taiwan and also in European countries such as Germany and France. Furthermore, GAIA had the chance to present its projects and activities in the Basque Country, especially those being implemented in the scope of Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities.”

Cristina Murillo, Cluster Services Manager of GAIA - Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country

“The seminars presented at the European Innovation Week explored a wide range of very interesting topics, focusing and capturing at any time the attention of the audience. The material provided during the event was useful to better follow the topics, as well as a starting point to be able to individually develop certain opportunities. On top of all, this event has been a great opportunity to meet clusters and business persons and local companies. The event gave to all of us, I believe, a quite deep insight in the local economy, paving the way for future developments and contacts.

The company visits were absolutely of interest and for sure gave us the flavour of the development spirit and the possibility to have direct contacts with high level management bodies, setting a first link which may open interesting perspectives for the future. Last but not least, The European Innovation Week was very well organized in terms of contents, choice of hosting structures, as well as from the logistical standpoint. Outstanding support by the staff of TAITRA, ITRI, ECCT, BOFT and SPI (among others) has been of great help both in the pre-mission preparation phase (registration, profiling, meetings management planning) as well as during the whole week. Travel management has been of great help in optimizing the use of the time, always too short during these events.

All my appreciation and thanks to all the persons who have been involved in this heavy organization work!”

Paolo Piccinelli, Cluster Network Development Manager of Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech Monza Biranza

 “We, the Bulgaria ICT Cluster, were part of the EU ICT Clusters Delegation to Taiwan at the European Innovation Week within Computex in Taipei. As part of this week, we had great one-on-one meetings and networking events, giving us the tremendous opportunity to initiate business cooperation with Taiwan. With the exceptional organization of the event, we very effectively met numerous Taiwanese companies and associations, as well as EU clusters with which we can intensify or initiate collaboration as organizations, but also for our member companies.

We believe these type of activities are excellent opportunities for small clusters such as ours, giving us an efficient and cost effective way to help our IT SMEs open up new markets. We believe these types of initiatives should be replicated and increased as they are very interesting and useful.”

Filip Stoyanovich, Founding Board Member of the Bulgarian ICT Cluster