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What role does an open city platform play in creating smart city innovation?

Data will be what the smart city of the future runs on. To make this a reality, cities need a platform where data from a variety of sources –e.g., Internet of Things data, open government data, social media – can be processed, linked, and analysed and made accessible to third parties for further exploitation. The project is building such a platform in Europe and in Japan. The Webinar is introducing this platform with a special focus on the targeted use cases and how they can be realized.

The webinar is targeted to EU and Japanese companies, organisations and public administration authorities seeking to innovate in the Smart City domain and reuse results from the project.

Registration deadline: 10/04/2017

What you will learn during this webinar?

In 40 minutes from your desk, discover how to:

  • Benefit from open data platforms
  • Address challenges in smart city infrastructures
  • Setting up innovation projects in cities


  • Introduction
  • Expert’s presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion

Speakers: Stephan Haller, Bern University of Applied Sciences, European Coordinator of the project Martin Strobach, AGT Group (R&D) GmbH, Research ArchitectOrganiser: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - Brussels Office

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Location and date

11 April 2017 - 11 April 2017

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