Deliverd by Lin Luo, Founder at YI Consulting (ENRICH in China External Service Provider), this is the second in a series of three Autumn workshops about doing business in China.

Why participate?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

China has a rich and profound culture with longstanding values and tradition. It differs a lot from other cultures and that´s why it is important to understand and know the customs in order to have accurate communication and negotiation skills and get to know the different business styles and procedures.

If you want to reach out to Chinese STI counterparts and business partners, to strengthen your knowledge about Chinese culture and deepen your understanding and skills about the Chinese business etiquette, this ENRICH in China online workshop is just right for you!

What can you expect?

The training consists of three blocks:

  1. The foundation of the Chinese culture;
  2. Chinese business etiquette and practice; and
  3. Chinese business communication.

The training will start off with an in depth look at culture and organisational culture in general, as well as the foundation of the Chinese culture, followed by how culture and philosophy influence business practice and behaviour. It will continue with an inventory of Chinese business etiquettes and how they are associated with the practice.

The benefit of the training will be an in-depth understanding of the origin of the communication patterns in China, which will help westerners more easily solve the puzzle of the business strategies used in negotiation and conflict resolution by potential Chinese partners.

The training will end with the assessment of a case study to simulate and gain insight into how real-life business between two seemingly conflicting cultures can run smoothly. There will be sufficient time for a Q&A session too.

Registration fee: €40 (free for members).

Register here.

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