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Wednesday, 1 May, 2019 to Saturday, 30 April, 2022
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S3FOOD will facilitate the digitalisation of the food processing industry by stimulating the implementation of smart sensor systems in the food production processes and thus making the generation of digital data possible and also by providing training and support in relation to data collection, management and mining. The overall objective of the project is to improve quality control and resource efficiency, facilitate the follow-up of food safety trough the food production process, as well as the traceability along the food value chain, thanks to the digitalisation of the food processing industry. The project will nurture and support the growth and innovation potential of SMEs working across the European food value chain by bringing together the relevant stakeholders and providing SMEs with tailored innovation services.

S3FOOD will establish an innovation-friendly ecosystem that will:

  • Strengthen SME innovation capacities and capabilities
  • Encourage cross-sectoral and cross-border networking to create new business opportunities
  • Connect innovation actors with relevant parties and potential investors to establish concrete investment projects and long-term collaborations

Within the project an extensive community will be set-up with equal partners of food processors, technology 4.0 providers and machine producers, to enable the creation of new cross-border, crosssectorial industrial value chains. The final impact will be a more transparent food system with less food waste, higher output, more potential for growth and innovation in developing new products and processes. The technology providers and machine producers will benefit as food processing companies will need to invest in technology as enabler.

The S3FOOD activities are designed to establish a collaborative virtual and physical open space for cross-sectoral fertilisation and value chain innovation, based on a network of clusters and living labs, to foster and exploit the innovation potential of European SMEs. The project will establish a collaborative and supportive business ecosystem, revolving around these living labs (pilot facilities and technology platforms), where cross-sectoral and cross-border ideation sessions and matchmaking events will be organised. In addition, demonstrations and study visits (to living labs, RTOs, technology providers, frontrunner food companies, etc.) will be organised to create awareness and inspire the food processing companies and to ensure new collaboration opportunities for SMEs across geographical borders, sectors and with different innovation actors.

S3FOOD stimulates the creation of new industrial value chains related to the validation and implementation of smart sensor systems and related ICT solutions in the food industry for quality control, tracking and tracing, food safety monitoring, etc.. A key set of deliverables covers the targeted funding of concrete investment projects and large-scale, more collective demonstration projects related to the living labs. Project ideas submitted to the consortium for funding will be evaluated by a panel of experts. S3FOOD will also focus on state-of-the-art, ready to implement technologies and new technologies available at high TRL (5 and above), with smart inline, at-line and online food sensors. High potential projects, that need further funding and support, will be guided to pursue further funding via H2020, ERDF, national and regional innovation schemes.