The European Vietnamese Business Network

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 June 2016

The EU-Vietnam Business Network (EVBN) is a project co-funded by the European Union and established in 2014. 

The overall objective of EU-Vietnam Business Network (EVBN) is to increase exports and investments of the European Union (EU) to Vietnam in particular by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as strengthening the EU Business sector in Vietnam, by facilitating market access in Vietnam and by advocating and engaging primarily with the Government of Vietnam, the Vietnamese business sector and other stakeholders.

EVBN promotes Vietnam as a high-potential trade and investment market, to assure that EU companies, in particular SMEs, are more able to exploit the increasing opportunities in Vietnam and Vietnam as a gateway to the SEA regional market. EVBN seeks to contribute to a more coherent and effective EU strategy for supporting European businesses, specifically SMEs with their endeavor in and to Vietnam.

Among the services provided by EVBN:

  • Vietnam market updates
  • Free first guidance & orientation to European SMEs
  • Business incubators – start-up facilities /offices for rent
  • Starter kit – a 60 pages guide supporting European SMEs in their approach of the Vietnam market
  • Market studies
  • Pre-market consultation
  • Partner search
  • A database of European services providers in Vietnam
  • Newsletter, events

The website also features an IPR Helpdesk, that collaborates with ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk, providing

- “legal first aid” work on those cases that are too small for a law firm and assistance for companies in preparing a request to a law firm,

- comprehensive information on standards for European SMEs and

- a panel of legal experts on IPR issues in Vietnam able to provide further advice.

For detailed information please visit :


Project Director Delphine Rousselet (Ms) Tel.: +84 (0)8 3823 9515 Ext.: 109 Email: project_director [at]

or info [at]

Tel +84 (0)8 3823 9515; fax: +84 (0)8 3823 9514