European Indonesian Business Network

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 June 2016

The EU-Indonesia Business Network (EIBN) was initiated in August 2013 as a five-year program co-funded by the European Commission, and is the product of a partnership between 7 chambers of commerce. The aim of the EU-Indonesia Business Network is to enhance and diversify trade and European business investment in Indonesia, while promoting the country as a gateway to ASEAN. EIBN seeks to contribute to a more coherent and effective EU strategy for supporting and attracting European businesses, specifically SME’s, both those already in Indonesia and those expanding their activities.

The EIBN serves as a first-entry contact point for all European businesses interested in developing their trade and investment activities in Indonesia. The newly established consortium aims to reach over 2,000 European multiplier organisations in the EU and ASEAN. Over the course of five years, the EIBN will coordinate 140 events in Europe and the ASEAN region, publish around 30 publications, develop an online information portal whereby all information, updates and advice related to doing business in Indonesia will be featured, as well as establish a platform of communication and exchange between business communities in the EU, Indonesia and ASEAN.

Services offered by EIBN include:

Business Support & Market Intelligence Activities

  • EIBN web-based portal containing all relevant information to do business in Indonesia
  • Sector specific market research
  • Business Partner Search and B2B meetings’ arrangement
  • Organization and support to trade missions
  • Representation in trade fairs, organization of seminars and workshops
  • Training and capacity building to European Business Support Organizations in Indonesia

ASEAN Coordination

  • ASEAN business information to help European decision makers fully seize upon opportunities
  • Organization and participation in dissemination information events
  • Liaison with ASEAN stakeholders to strengthen interregional cooperation
  • ASEAN-EU Business Summit
  • Participation in ASEAN recommendation papers

Awareness Raising

  • EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue conference
  • Joint promotion events with Indonesian trade agencies in the EU
  • Information road shows in Europe
  • Publications informing on local and regional business conditions
  • Networking activities to foster cooperation between European, Indonesian and ASEAN decision makers

For more details on EIBN please visit:

Contact :  %20info [at] or +62 21 3154685