Trends in European clusters: results from the 2019 European panorama, trends and priority sectors reports published

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 14 January 2020

The European observatory for clusters and industrial change just published a series of reports that give an overview of the European cluster landscape, why these regional concentrations of related industries matter, and which recent trends drive industrial transformations.

The European panorama of clusters and industrial change presents an overview of how clusters contribute to the competitiveness of the European economy. It analyses cluster strengths and development trends with a focus on 10 cross-sectoral, so-called emerging industries.

These comprise advanced packaging, biopharmaceuticals, blue growth industries, creative industries, digital industries, environmental industries, experience industries, logistical services, medical devices and mobility technologies.

The report shows that economic activities in about 2900 specialised clusters account for about 19% of European jobs and 22% of European wages and that they drive growth through their higher number of innovative and high-growth firms. The report also looks at the linkages between clusters and industrial change/digitalisation, entrepreneurship, investments, innovation and internationalisation.

The European cluster and industrial transformation trends report discusses new trends across emerging industries. It identifies technological, socio-political and environmental global megatrends and analyses their impact on emerging industries in Europe. The report also looks at their international orientations and trans-regional cluster collaboration patterns.

The trends report analyses where and how clusters of cross-sectoral industries are transforming themselves and what new specialisation patterns emerge. It also discusses how cluster policies and support can foster favourable business ecosystems that help to master such transformations and new winners to emerge.

These publications are complemented by 3 priority sector reports on biopharmaceuticals, construction and mobility technologies, that provide more details and examples for these industries.

The report was published on 17 December 2019 here. Below you find in attachment all the five reports.