Feeding The Planet

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 21 July 2016

The European Food Partnerships

"Feeding The Planet: Eu Bio Food on The World Stage" is a project co-financed by the European Commission and coordinated by the Region of Lombardy, that links 3 main World-Class Clusters Biotech and Agro-Food Clusters in Europe: Parco Tecnologico Padano (Region of Lombardy - Italy), Agropolis International (Languedoc-Roussillon – France) and Oost NV (Food Valley Wageninghen, East Netherlands – The Netherlands).

The project aims to set up a common and shared coherent international strategy amoung project partners, by bringing togheter the "triple Helix" Research and Business Eco-system established in the 3 European Clusters.

Through "Feeding The Planet", UE Clusters wish to promote and commercialize the clusters' expertise in the field of agricultural/breeding/food R&D (including health and nutrition), either through bilateral agreements and contracts or through calls from international organisations and governamental agencies and large foundations/ charities.

"Feeding The Planet" also wish to develop business opportunities and partnerships at international level in the agro-food sector, to the benefit of innovative and biotech-based enterprises, Innovative Research Centres and Food Companies/SMEs in Lombardy, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Wageningen / East.


Feeding the Planet project is approaching its conclusion

Our consortium had the opportunity to get in contact with many different subject s and realities, new ideas, methods and tools .

The metacluster approach, one of the crucial aspects the project was conceived upon, revealed itself to be win-win in the long term: Feeding the Planet, that started as a pilot initiative, finally turned into a concrete brand.

However, our activities will not end. We are planning much more in terms of networking, in terms of international cooperation and cluster initiatives.

Stay tuned!

An insight on USA innovation ecosystem

Feeding the Planet consortium just got back from USA, an intense business trip that allowed the consortium to gain an in-depth knowledge of innovation, cluster policies and business initiatives on American food processing, agriculture and green technology segment. In addition to this exploratory approach, excellences and expertise from Wageningen, Montpellier and Milan were also promoted towards United Nations and charities foundations.

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Exploratory Mission to the USA

Feeding the Planet will explore opportunities

Feeding the Planet consortium will conduct an exploratory mission to the USA during the second week of September 2014. The mission is conceived to deepen the knowledge of USA environment in terms of Research and Technology Transfer in Agrifood and Ag-biotech sectors.

Main objectives are:

  • To develop cluster to cluster partnerships with targeted USA organizations
  • To foster research cooperation with relevant players in USA research environment in Agrifood and Ag-biotech
  • To investigate potential synergies and cooperation opportunities with incubators.


Feeding the Planet mission to USA was planned to address the key bioeconomy cluster players in USA.

Participants will be then offered a privileged insight on agro-food and agro-biotech scenario in

  • New York city to promote meta-cluster expertise in agri-agro and environmental segments.
  • Chicago, to benchmark Illinois's innovation ecosystem and explore potential partnership in food sciences and biotechnology.
  • Sacramento Davis, to gain understanding of Food innovation ecosystem and to develop cluster to cluster partnership.

More information available here.

Feeding the Planet intensifies cooperation with Chile

Eurochile signed a collaboration agreement with the "Feeding the Planet" consortium during the inauguration of the seminar "Chile and Europe in Strategic Alliance for Food Production". The objective of this Agreement is to develop business opportunities and partnerships in the agro-food and biotechnology sector, to the benefit of innovative and technology-based firms, and innovative food companies located in Chile and in the three clusters’ Regions.

The "Feeding the Planet" consortium is formed by three European competitiveness centers: Foundation Parco Tecnologico Padano (Lombardy, Italy), Agropolis International (Montpellier, France), and Oost NV (Netherlands).

You can download the presentations of the event here.


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