Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies

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Summary and objectives

The COSMENERG-4i partnership is committed to foster international networking and collaboration and to actively engage in globally competitive value chain development in the emerging industries of eco-, bio-energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies to enhance the technological transfer from environmentally destructive business processes to a green economy at European level and beyond, with a view to support growth, jobs and investment in Europe.

The overall objective of COSMENERG-4i partnership is to establish a joint internationalisation service package (CE-ME-ASEAN), including the use of an online networking platform for cluster members (SMEs) that is continuously provided to members with businesses viable for internationalisation through the collaboration network of the partnership in the target markets (ASEAN and the Middle East countries). The service will be available to all partnership cluster members and other European SMEs operating in the emerging industries of eco-, bio-energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies through e-registration.

Towards a European Strategic Cluster Partnership - Going International (ESCP-4i), the COSMENERG-4i partnership serves the following specific objectives:

  1. Creating a basis for joint internationalisation and promotional activities through a common identity: joint communication/ marketing and branding strategy (CE-ME-ASEAN) building on the jointly developed intelligence available (SME members need analyses, value chain and market analyses, joint consortium strategy, market trends and opportunities by the European Cluster Observatory).
  2. Reinforcing cluster collaboration in order to support the internationalisation of cluster members (SMEs) in the target (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies markets: Southeast Asia - ASEAN region (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) and the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) through integrating internationalisation potentials at COSMENERG-4i partnership level and substantiating them with appropriate funding (cluster resources, national and EU funding).
  3. Building on the already existing relations in the target markets, establising long-term strategic collaboration partnerships and agreements for promoting cluster members' joint, cross-border, innovation and global value chain development activities, trade and investment opportunities.
  4. Providing SMEs of the (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies (emerging industry) with concrete opportunities for internationalisation (through training, networking events, joint business initiatives, B2B meetings, business matchmaking events, joint technology and investment forums) and integrating them into globally competitive value chains.
  5. Fostering and generating joint research and innovation and/ or business projects with selected partners from the target markets in order to provide COSMENERG-4i partnership members (SMEs) with sustainable, innovative internationalisation cluster services through common business platform, newsletters, representation at regular business events in the target markets.

Previous achievements


Partnership other activities

  • Development of CE-ME-ASEAN internationalisation service package
  • Development of online platform 
  • Participating in C2C and B2B meetings with clusters and SME members
  • Generating joint projects of the partnership and participating SME members
  • Undertaking fact-finding missions to the target regions and countries

Results expected

  1. COSMENERG-4i partnership will be able to work along a long-term internationalisation strategy and create a strategic CE-ME-ASEAN joint internationalisation service package. The service can be provided in a sustainable way through a continued partnership and collaboration agreements. By the end of 2021, the CE-ME-ASEAN internationalisation service package will be provided to 150 SMEs and knowledge sharing events will be organised to reach out to 442 cluster members. The project online platform and ECCP will provide Information on the service and internationalisation opportunities to all SMEs in the environmental industries.
  2. As regards the internationalisation of the COSMENERG-4i partnership profile, 30 business contacts will be established in the target markets: ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) and the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) with clusters and business intermediaries in the specific sector. COSMENERG-4i partnership intends to conclude 15 collaboration agreements with relevant stakeholders from the two target regions for partner/ members business matchmaking, joint conferences/ fairs, technology forums, use of common platform for business matchmaking, joint newsletters, etc. The network will be reinforced through the establishment of representations in the two target regions through partners.
  3. Related to the internationalisation of both COSMENERG-4i partnership profile and the SMEs activities 5 business forums/ conferences/ fairs organised in the target markets in the environmental industries will be visited during the implementation of the project and the participation in the related business matchmaking events for COSMENERG-4i partnership and 50 SME members will be provided.
  4. Based on the long-term collaboration, COSMENERG-4i partnership aims to launch and/or accomplish 3-5 international projects, further enhancing the internationalisation activities of the partnership by 2021 and thus, to upscale COSMENERG-4i Clusters Go International project towards: - Permanent CE-ME-ASEAN internationalisation service provision and - 100 business development projects, including 20 cross-border R&D&I SME projects and 80 type of internationalisation project in the areas of trade, investment, technology exchnage and know-how transfer.

Sectorial and industrial focus

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The main thematic areas of COSMENERG-4i partnership, in which the partnership intends to pursue the internationalisation strategy are as follows:

  1. Recycling of agricultural and industrial waste (i.e. use of biomass, etc)
  2. Energy efficient eco construction and building industry
  3. Energy efficient, smart grid based urban (city and village) planning and designing
  4. Water and waste management (recycling, cleaning, geothermal water, etc)
  5. Renewable energy: solar, wind, water, geothermal, etc and the integration of power grids
  6. Eco-innovation and eco-production value chains

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