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Summary and objectives

The main objective of the project is to build-up a partnership of world leading clusters to configure a “European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International” focused on internationalization of digital technologies applied to manufacturing and industry (also called “Industry 4.0”). This European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP-4i) will lead clusters to increase their competitiveness and innovation potential for internationalization with a European coherence, fostering international cooperation among SMEs, and enhance innovation. The global value chain will be structured around an innovative transnational collaborative approach focused on cross-sectoral collaboration to commercialize the different technologies, product and services jointly in the field of digital technologies applied to manufacturing and industry developed by the clusters (and their SMEs) in international markets that will be identified in the project.

The project will provide a better understanding of the most effective ways to improvecross-sectoral collaboration between clusters at a European interregional level in order todevelop and commercialize frontline innovations internationally. Besides, although focused on digital technology in the manufacturing field, the universality of the method will allow developing other global value chain with other regions and in other technology domains, a very useful approach to build-up regional smart specialization strategies.

This communication tools  was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

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Results expected

The results of this project will be the definition and implementation of a transnational model of collaboration “European Strategic Cluster Partnership” focused on cross-sectoral collaboration within Europe to develop and commercialize internationally the technological solutions, products and services provided by the SMEs of the partners of a global value chain in digital technologies applied to manufacturing and industry.

This model will be tested under real conditions through the study visits that will take place in the course of the project. These study visits will consist of ICT clusters and SMEs visiting industrial clusters, involving their industrial players (both SMEs but also large companies), to express their needs for modernizing their poduction tools, towards Industry 4.0, matching with the competences of the ICT clusters SMEs. These study visit will take place in Germany, Italy and Sweden.

Besides, the ambition of the project is to build upon the interactions that SMEs will have created with large companies in Europe in order SMEs to access and further expand their solutions outside Europe, using the existing sites and networks of such multinational players in foreign countries.

The results expected are thus the following:

- improve the existing relationships between the different clusters in the project (inside-inside and inside-outside collaborative approach) in order to generate a stable open innovation dynamics and knowledge-technology transfer that benefit to their main stakeholders, in particular SMEs, but also larger companies, Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and policy makers. - a Joint Internationalisation Strategy as a strategic roadmap for the partners of the project collaborating in it, with:    - defined technology domains, products and services to be developed by the partners together in the area of digital technologies for manufacturing and industry.    - defined joint commercialisation initiatives of these technology solutions, products and services worldwide.    - defined joint internationalisation initiatives for clusters (and especially their SMEs) in order to discover and reach new markets.    - up to 4 priority markets worldwide to be further explored and approached by the clusters and their SMEs.    - a defined set of support mechanisms for clusters to be implemented by regional governments in the project covering the other axes of the Joint Internationalisation Strategy. - a complete business plan to establish (and commit) the resources requires to run the Joint Internationalisation Strategy in the period proposed, and especially regarding the financial resources at regional, national and European levels. - a set of guidelines and recommendations for clusters on how to incorporate the Joint Internationalisation Strategy, the model of collaboration as mechanisms to support the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) at regional level, specifically in the participant regions of the clusters

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