Smart Specialisation Partnerships

Acronym Sector(s) S3 EU priority areas No. of SME involved Partnership Composition No. of Partners
io internal testing #3 Agriculture, forestry and fishing:A03 Fishing and aquaculture 1 1
TRACK Agriculture, forestry and fishing:A01 Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities Sustainable innovation:Sustainable agriculture 450 5
AI4Diag Professional, scientific and technical activities:M72 Scientific research and development, Human health and social work activities:Q86 Human health activities Digital transformation:e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing) 600 5
EACN (ESCP-S3 Project) Manufacturing:C29 Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers Digital transformation:Digitising Industry (Industry 4.0, smart and additive manufacturing), Digital transformation:Robotics, autonomous and cyber physical systems (e.g. vehicles, embedded systems), KETs:Advanced manufacturing systems 560 6
CYBER SECURE LIGHT Manufacturing:C27 Manufacture of electrical equipment 1115 7
TEX4IM Manufacturing:C13 Manufacture of textiles, Manufacturing:C14 Manufacture of wearing apparel KETs:Advanced materials, KETs:Nanotechnology 800 8
EACP-EUROSME Transportation and storage:H51 Air transport, Professional, scientific and technical activities:M71 Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis 938 6
S3martMed Human health and social work activities:Q86 Human health activities 400 5
Connsensys 1000 8