International Second Generation

ESCP-4i Status: Preparation Phase - Strand1
Acronym Name ESCP-4i Status Sector(s) Targeted third countries SMEs Partners Partnership composition
ALLIANCE Alliance for international business development of advanced materials and connectivity for defence and security markets Preparation Phase - Strand1 Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), United States 0 7
SENTINEL Cluster Network for Hospitality Sustainable Development and Internationalization Preparation Phase - Strand1 582 4
SpaceWave Clusters waving the flag to the internationalisation of European SMEs taking advantage of the cross-sectoral dimension of Earth observation for Blue Growth market Preparation Phase - Strand1 Australia, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam 50 4
C4W Cosmetics4Wellbeing Preparation Phase - Strand1 Administrative and support service activities:N82 Office administrative, office support and other business support activities United Arab Emirates, United States, India, Mexico, Republic of Korea (South Korea) 1000 5
ELBE Europe Leading Blue Energy Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, China, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Taiwan, United States 467 5
DIA European Digital Industry Alliance Preparation Phase - Strand1 Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, United States 865 6
EU KETs4Dual-Use European Key Enabling Technologies for Dual-Use Worldwide Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States 200 4
FoodNet Food In Eco Network Preparation Phase - Strand1 Algeria, Canada, China, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Turkmenistan, United States, Uzbekistan 362 5
GEO-ENERGY EUROPE Geo-Energy for the XXIst Century Preparation Phase - Strand1 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply:D35 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

E\: Fixed constructions:Building, E\: Fixed constructions:Earth or rock drilling; mining
Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica 400 9
GCA Global Content Alliance Preparation Phase - Strand1 560 4
GIVE Green Ict deVElopment Preparation Phase - Strand1 Other service activities:S94 Activities of membership organisations China, Egypt, Taiwan 615 8
IDEEO Internationalisation & Diversification of European Earth Observation Preparation Phase - Strand1 316 3
MAGIA Medtech Alliance for Global InternationAlisation Preparation Phase - Strand1 500 4
PERES Partnership (2018-2019) PERES-Promoting European Rail Excellence outSide EU Preparation Phase - Strand1 India, United States 500 5
PIMAP Partnership PIMAP Partnership – Photonics for International Markets and APplications Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, United States 900 4
ESCP-4i Status: Implementation Phase - Strand2
Acronym Name ESCP-4i Status Sector(s) Targeted third countries SMEs Partners Partnership composition
EC2i European Cleantech Internationalization Initiative Implementation Phase - Strand2 China, United States 800 5
LASER-GO GLOBAL European Cluster Partnership in Photonics for Health Implementation Phase - Strand2 Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Singapore, United States 240 6
ESCT Go Global European SmartCityTech Go Global Implementation Phase - Strand2 India, Singapore, United States 3017 9
AdPack² European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Advanced Smart Packaging Implementation Phase - Strand2 Manufacturing:C10 Manufacture of food products, Manufacturing:C11 Manufacture of beverages

A\: Human necessities:Foods or foodstuffs; their treatment, not covered by other classes, B\: Performing operations; transporting:Nanotechnology
Canada, China, United States 530 6
COSMENERG-4i Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies Implementation Phase - Strand2 Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam 350 5
MobiGoIn-Action Mobility Goes International - In Action Implementation Phase - Strand2 Information and communication:J63 Information service activities Canada, China, Singapore, United States 1270 4
NF4 New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward Implementation Phase - Strand2 Brazil, Canada, China, United States 561 5
SPACE2IDGO Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification Implementation Phase - Strand2 Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, United Arab Emirates 757 8