International First Generation

ESCP-4i Status: Preparation Phase - Strand1
Acronym Name ESCP-4i Status Sector(s) Targeted third countries SMEs Partners Partnership composition
EnW Energy in Water Preparation Phase - Strand1 Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities:E36 Water collection, treatment and supply

E\: Fixed constructions:Water supply; sewerage
China, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, Tunisia, United States 650 7
ECCA European Circular Construction Alliance Preparation Phase - Strand1 China, India, Mexico 400 6
LASER-GO European Cluster Partnership in Photonics for Health Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, United States 231 3
AdPack Future Materials and products for advanced smart packaging Preparation Phase - Strand1 Agriculture, forestry and fishing:A01 Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities, Manufacturing:C17 Manufacture of paper and paper products

A\: Human necessities:Foods or foodstuffs; their treatment, not covered by other classes, B\: Performing operations; transporting:Cleaning
Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, United States 373 5
SmartCityTech Internationalisation of cross-domain Smart City Solutions powered by ICT (sensor systems, data processing platforms) Preparation Phase - Strand1 India, Taiwan, United States 831 6
MobiGoIn Mobility Goes International Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, United States 1100 4
MOVE Moving the Future Preparation Phase - Strand1 Brazil, Morocco 567 9
New Frontier in Food New Frontiers for Emerging Industries in Food Preparation Phase - Strand1 Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Taiwan, Thailand, United States 514 4
SPACE2ID Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification Preparation Phase - Strand1 Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, United Arab Emirates 757 9
ESCP-4i Status: Implementation Phase - Strand2
Acronym Name ESCP-4i Status Sector(s) Targeted third countries SMEs Partners Partnership composition
EACP ABROAD Activities and Businesses from Real Opportunities for Aerospace Developments (EACP network) Implementation Phase - Strand2 Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, United States 1355 11
bioXclusters plus ESCP on Personalised Healthcare Implementation Phase - Strand2 Human health and social work activities:Q86 Human health activities Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), United States 880 4
EU4SPORTSCLUSTERSALL EU4SPORTS Clusters Alliance Implementation Phase - Strand2 China, Iran, Japan, United States 316 5
Silicon Europe Worldwide European Semiconductor Cluster Internationalisation Project Implementation Phase - Strand2 Taiwan, United States 843 7
NATUREEF Natureef ESCP Implementation Phase - Strand2 Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines 1232 9
REINA PLUS Renewable Energy Internationalisation ESCP project for European SMEs Implementation Phase - Strand2 Algeria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, United States 322 4
ESCP-4i Status: Voluntary Partnerships
Acronym Name ESCP-4i Status Sector(s) Targeted third countries SMEs Partners Partnership composition
3BI 3BI Voluntary Partnerships United States 377 4
DECISION DElivering Cluster International Strategies Into Overseas Networks Voluntary Partnerships Canada, China, India, United States 200 4
CROSSCUT European Strategic Cluster Partnership on Sustainable Construction Voluntary Partnerships Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States 1000 8
EU4FOOD Global Alliance for the Development of International Food Bio-Based Clusters Voluntary Partnerships Brazil, Chile, United States 1000 11
GIVE Green Ict deVElopment Voluntary Partnerships Other service activities:S94 Activities of membership organisations Taiwan, China, Egypt 370 8
SeaMICI Seabed Mining Clusters for SMEs Internationalisation Voluntary Partnerships 790 4
WIINTECH2020 Wiintech2020 Voluntary Partnerships Brazil, India, Japan, United States 1000 6