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Connecting European Earth Observation to International Markets
ESCP-4i Status: 
Implementation Phase - Strand2
Start of Partnership: 
Partnership duration
24 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries

ConnectEO follows a previously completed Strand 1b project, IDEEO, in which 6 countries were assessed for the potential uptake of European maritime and agriculture EO services. ConnectEO aims to realise the implementation plans developed under that COSME co-funded project. ConnectEO aims to promote and foster market access between the European Earth Observation SMEs and two target countries Australia and Chile.

The project will focus on the use of EO addressing business opportunities and key socio-economic/environmental challenges in the maritime and agricultural sectors

Sectoral Industries: 
Information Technology and Analytical Instruments
Technology Fields: 
PROTECTING MAN AND ENVIRONMENTEnvironmentRemote sensing technology
S3 EU priority areas: 
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Information service activities
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries

Agriculture, Maritime

Partnership planned events: 
Partnership other activities: 
  • Participate in European events promoting the learning and monitoring activities carried out by different partnerships
  • Organise workshops together with the aforementioned matchmaking events   
  • B-toB meetings with stakeholders and European SMEs

These plans will be realised focusing on three key initiatives initiatives:

  • a Back Office - preparation of companies through provision supporting information on e.g. legal/cultural aspects of the target markets;
  • Trade Missions – facilitating the creation of meaningful personal relationships on which successful partnerships are built
  • and a Front Office pilot - a dedicated physical presence in Australia to identify business ‘on-the-ground’, with a view to a dedicated sales pipeline in the long term.

A focused approach to international market development is required to realise these objectives; the consortium, the target sectors and target countries has been strictly limited to ensure that sufficient resources are available to deliver a complete follow-through and realisation of the potential benefits of EO services for both the citizens in the target countries and European EO companies.

Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
CTA Agrifood Business Services

Precision agriculture, Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food

Agricultural servicesCrop & animal production, hunting &related service activities, Manufacturing & IndustryFood, beverage & tobacco products
Spain Andalucía 17 8
European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) Aerospace Vehicles and Defence, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Precision agriculture, Energy management

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics & environment, Aeronautics & spaceSpace

Blue Growth Industries, Digital Industries
Belgium Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 90 80
Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique Environmental Services, Fishing and Fishing Products

Marine Science, Wind energy

Blue growthAquaculture, Blue growthBlue renewable energy

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries
France Bretagne 390 220