Support and partnering

EREK stands for the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre. It aims to support companies – small- and medium-enterprises in particular – as they strive to become more resource efficient.

EREK gathers a pan-European network of highly motivated business support organisations, industrial clusters sharing a common interest in exchanging and promoting knowledge in resource efficiency best practices.

Thanks to the active participation of each and every EREK member, support organisations and companies that wish to improve their resource efficiency now have ready access to the information, learning material and tools that they need. Additionally, the network has made it significantly easier for them to work directly with local and regional expertise.

EREK community provides services to its members through its online platform featuring notably support programmes for companies to invest in resource efficiency, but also training programmes to develop skills that will allow companies to achieve a green and circular transition.

Members of the EREK Network subscribe to an EREK Charter. Through this commitment, members express their intent to contribute to advance EREK within their sphere of influence and to make a clear statement of the commitment to both stakeholders and the general public.

Members also confirm their intent to take part in EREK through their engagement in EREK activities, contribution to its instruments, publications, and events as well as through actively promoting the EREK Network within their own community.

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