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Set of best practices, case studies and showcases.

Are you interested in resource efficiency solutions? In best practices that can help you to improve the environmental performance of your organisation? Need help to understand what best practice is relevant for your organisation? Looking for information to address a specific environmental issue? Do you want to know more about the payback time of the implementation of best practices?

You can browse the resource efficiency solutions of the EREK knowledge base to make greener your organisation!

Share your case studies, showcases and your achievements and be part of an active network on resource efficiency!

On this knowledge base you can find:

  • Best practices: They are techniques, measures or actions that allow organisations in a given sector to minimise their environmental impacts. They can be both of technical/technological nature and of a more organisational type. They address both the direct operations of the organisations as well as impacts across the whole value chain of their products and services over the whole life cycle. They implemented at full scale by at least few organisations in the given sector, are technically feasible and economical viable.
  • Case studies: Real illustrative examples implemented by organisations. They can be single technologies or one measure/actions whereas are linked to specific best practices.
  • Showcases: Proprietary technologies available for sale or management practices. They are implemented by certain organisations and conditions of replicability by another organisation are also listed.

Best practices

Find out how much resource efficiency, measures and technological solutions would cost and how much money and resources they can save for your business.

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