EREK Charter

EREK Network Charter - Statement of Commitment

Members of the EREK Network are requested to subscribe to the following Charter.

We are pleased to confirm our support and commitment to becoming active members of the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK).

With this commitment, we express our intent to contribute to advance EREK within our sphere of influence and we will make a clear statement of this commitment to our stakeholders and the general public.

We also confirm to take part in EREK through our engagement in EREK activities, contribution to its instruments, publications and events as well as through actively promoting the EREK Network and Knowledge base within our community.

We are aware of the integration of EREK within the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and we acknowledge the benefits of  being part of this broader community. In particular, we look forward to the opportunities presented by industrial clusters for the promotion of resource efficiency and circular economy, and their role in disseminating environmental technologies and services. We confirm that, where appropriate, we will actively participate in the platform, sharing knowledge and interacting with industry actors to promote resource efficient solutions.

We hereby declare that:

  • We will contribute to EREK publications both online and offline, by exchanging news and information from our organisation, sector and region with the EREK members.
  • We will, when feasible, provide descriptions of innovative resource efficiency technologies as well as best-practice examples and case-studies to be integrated into the EREK Knowledge Base and other publications.
  • We will provide our organisation’s logo and contact details in order to be published both online and offline. This also includes updates on changes in contact persons or other important details.
  • We will register on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and create a detailed organisational profile.
  • We will actively seek opportunities to engage with cluster managers and other cluster actors in order help them identify resource efficiency opportunities and/or make available resources and knowledge to promote resource efficiency.