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ECCP Discussion Group on Euroclusters

This ECCP Discussion Group on Euroclusters, offers ECCP members who are part of Euroclusters (the new generation of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships) a closed community to exchange knowledge, build practical experience for collaboration and development and help to shape the future of the cluster community.

This group is restricted to the Euroclusters managers and communication correspondents.

The purpose of this discussion group is to provide additional opportunities for networking, sharing of knowledge and experience, discussing, and learning from peers how to overcome common challenges faced by the Euroclusters’ projects.

EU Clusters supporting Ukraine

Welcome to the new EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum established by the ECCP. The Forum has been established to enhance the ability of European industry to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid for Ukraine and to support Ukrainian refugees in MS countries. In this Forum you can share information, register your offers of assistance, propose collaborations and request assistance in order to facilitate procurement and delivery of urgent humanitarian requirements. These include food, hygiene products, medicines; as well as personal equipment to ensure survivability in war and refugee conditions, including shelters, clothing, bedding and accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: New users of the EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum must also register with one or all of the sub fora (Needs; Offers; Logistics & Coordination) in order to post their information and interact with other users.

Forum of European Clusters Partnerships

Exchange knowledge and spark mutual learning processes among partnerships on your own forum. Limited access for members of European Clusters Partnerships

Forum of Cluster Associations and Networks

Exchange best practices, news and solutions between and within cluster associations and networks at your own forum. Limited access for National Cluster Associations and Cluster Networks

FESCP: Knowledge in Internationalisation

Objective: This group will provide general information and updates for European Cluster Partnerships. Its aim is to enable relevant information to be shared – with such information introduced both by the ECCP and group members. The type of information includes the following · Relevant online...

FESCP: Knowledge in Internationalisation

Objective: This group aims at providing insight and knowledge exchange on the different options of funding sources for clusters. The Partnership Side Event highlighted that reliance on public funding is toxic and unsustainable over time. Elements to discuss and for sharing knowledge include the...

FESCP: Knowledge in Internationalisation

Objective: This group aims to provide knowledge transfer and specific information on international markets and internationalisation Elements to discuss and for sharing knowledge include the following: • Information and possible assistance from ENRICH Centres (current: China, Brazil and US; and...