ShowromIoT is a cyber-physics room that hosts the Innovation Zone (#WUF11) Sinotaic and the Jakob Academy of Paradyż to the event of the series “Innovation Generator for Industry 4.0”

Opening plate: SINOTAIC – Agnieszka Łasut, Jakob Academy of Paradyż – Dr. Ing. Aleksandra Radomska-Zalas, Silesian Technical University – Dr. Ing. Joanna Lisok, Silesian University – Natalia Galica

Stewarship in practice at the Silesian University of Katowice: System solutions, community solutions and cooperation with the environment.Presentation of market solutions and innovative research solutions Silesian Technical University in the field of Industry 4. 0 and Smart City: - Weather radar, eco-energy Silesia - Air quality, Syngeos - Modern Technologies in Architecture, P. A. Nova - Prof. Wiesław Pamuła, Applications of IoT Solutions and Machine Learning in ITS systems for the implementation of the Smart City function - Dr. Ing. Adrian Kapczyński Security IoT - Dr. Ing. Yaroslav Kobrin Intelligent Systems in TSL - Prof. Dr. hab. Tadeusz Wieczorek Digital twin and artificial intelligence. - Karol Magiera, Role of the GIG Research Institute in the IoT Innovation EcosystemDebate, networking

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