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Webinar on Green Technology Needs and Opportunities in India– Focus On Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

5th October 2023: 10.00 - 11.30 am (CEST)/1.30-3.00 pm (IST)

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To address the “E” of ESG, Indian companies are very keen to deploy environment-friendly solutions to meet the goals of their net zero roadmaps and make their businesses greener and more efficient. Secondly, Indian entrepreneurs and large corporates are scouting for innovative new green technologies to evolve into leaders in the growing green solution business in India. Today, the market size in India for green tech is expected to reach a $45-55 billion market size by 2027, as per a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report.

The Indian federal government has set the target to get to net zero by 2070, but there are significant challenges in achieving this without access to relevant technology availability and financing. Europe has been a leader in green technology development and deployment over the past decades. Access to Technology and Best practice exchange are areas that Europe can support and collaborate with India. Recently, in April 2022, the governments of India and the EU joined hands to launch the EU-India Trade and Technology Council focusing on green technologies as one of the pillars. The European Commission has created the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) covering 400+ tech hubs across the European Union, Associated Countries, and other international geographies, including India.

GBI – EEN India has launched a campaign – “Tech for greening industry” after supporting over 100 green technology companies and adopters from around the world over the last decade. The aim of this campaign is to provide concrete services to the Indian industry to scout for green technologies, create new technology partnerships and develop local business and financing models to deploy in India. This campaign will also regularly showcase green technologies via the Global Technology Interface® (GTI®), social media and through a series of events/webinars to build awareness and knowledge on innovative European green tech solutions.

GBI – Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) India along with Sector Group Renewable Energy, Thematic Group Sustainability and EEN partners -Unioncamere Piedmonte, Veneto Innovatione Spa, Italy, Zenit Germany, are pleased to create a bridge to India for international green technologies. 


GBI has been actively providing services to Indian companies both to adopt sustainable solutions and to scout for new technology partnerships to enhance their businesses.

This webinar will focus on the needs of Indian companies and the demand for commercially viable and proven technologies in the renewable energy arena, including, but not limited to green hydrogen, biofuels, electric vehicles, energy storage, and other green energy and energy efficiency solutions for energy-intensive industries.

How will this webinar help you?

  • Indian companies can join this webinar to share their needs for green technologies and how they envision partnerships with European companies to develop and create a financial win-win situation for both parties.
  • European companies and organisations can join the webinar to learn about the demand for green technologies and connect with Indian companies to deploy your products and solutions in the Indian market.

Post webinar: We will facilitate the matchmaking between EU Green tech companies and Indian companies that have presented their needs for green technologies. The matchmaking/B2B meetings will be facilitated virtually,

EU-India partnerships can also be supported to explore viable financing and business models for the deployments.

Location and date

Virtual Event

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