Webinar on the EU Digital Services Act package

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 27 April 2021

In the European Alliance Against Coronavirus meeting on 23 February, Deborah Behar and Denis Sparas (legal officers at the European Commission’s DG CNECT) presented the new European Digital Services Act package to the alliance.

The objective of the Digital Services Act is to modify the rules for digital services and platforms, to clarify rules on liability, to increase accountability and transparency, to facilitate better oversight, and to avoid legal fragmentation. It is not only directed towards the well known platforms, but also towards the 10,000 platforms that exist in the EU.

Aim of the Digital Services Act

Business models of platforms change constantly, and content moderation happens unilaterally without proper transparency and accountability. The Digital Services Act provides a common framework, precision on consumers and due diligence obligations.

The Digital Markets Act focuses more on economic-related issues that come with the appearance of very large online platforms. It aims for a harmonisation to ensure contestability and fairness in markets with gatekeepers, and to address the negative consequences arising from certain unfair behaviours by platforms acting as digital gatekeepers. The act defines directly implementable obligations, and information obligation of acquisitions of core platform service providers.

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Digital Services Act
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