Breaking Barriers 2_0


#BreakingBarriers is a webinar dedicated to empowering SMEs, startups, and women to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their professional journeys through EPICENTRE project 

Are you an entrepreneur who is facing roadblocks on the way to success? Or a woman who wants to shatter the glass ceiling in your industry? Maybe you're just starting your business and need guidance on how to navigate the challenges ahead. Whatever your situation, "Breaking Barriers" is the perfect event for you.

Our expert speakers will share their insights and experiences on how to break through obstacles and achieve your goals. You will learn about:

  • Ways to break through the barriers women often face in male-dominated industries.
  • How EPICENTRE project can help you as a SME / startup overcoming common challenges
  • Tips on how to leverage your strengths and turn weaknesses into opportunities.

Don't let barriers hold you back from achieving your dreams. Join us for "Breaking Barriers" and discover how to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.

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9:30 – 9:45 |  Presentation of EPICENTRE project:  Supporting SMEs to apply.

Speaker: Núria Serra, Project Manager of EPICENTRE project at Clúster Digital de Catalunya

9:45- 11:15 |  Woman entrepreneurship and leadership:  Leaders are Made, Not Born. A true-life experience. 

Speaker: Iolanda Marchueta, Senior Advisor & Professor

11:15 – 11:45  | Business model: Why do startups fail?  Introduction to Lean Startup and Lean Experiment Map.

Speaker: Albert Rivero, Expert in business development and strategic planning.

11:45 – 12:15  |  Legal  & IP: Fundamentals of corporate-SME collaboration strategy. 

Speaker: Marc Milian. Expert in corporate Venturing and entrepreneurship

12:15 – 12:30  | Q&A

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1. Presentation of EPICENTRE project: Supporting SMEs to apply

We will explain you what the EPICENTRE project consists of, what its objectives are and why you should participate as a SME or startup.  

We are in the process of attracting SMEs and startups seeking to engage and addressing a corporate’s challenge. Núria Serra, the Project Manager, will explain us how to apply as a SME or Startup and which are the requirements for them to participate.


EmPowering Industrial eCosystems to boost clustEr facilitated greeN and digiTal tRansition in Europe- EPICENTRE - is a project funded by the European Comission which main objective is to create new cross-sectoral value chains from Digital and Fintech to Health and Agri-food.

EPICENTRE is a program of accompaniment, acceleration, validation, and transfer to the market innovative solutions between SMEs and Mid-Cap and Big Companies (corporates).


Speaker: Núria Serra

With experience in European Projects, MS. Serra holds a degree in economics from University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Project Management from LaSalle Business & Engineering School- Universitat Ramón Llull.

Nowadays, Núria Serra is Project Manager at Clúster Digital de Catalunya, where leads and gives support in the execution and justification phase of the management of the current portfolio of European Projects. Support in promoting the participation of the entity in new European proposals in the phases of searching for calls, search for partners, and participation in its preparation. Promote and manage innovative projects in the frame of national and regional calls.

2. Woman entrepreneurship and  leadership:  Leaders are Made, Not Born. A true-life experience

Leader in Action 

Leadership is not a position or a title, leadership is an action. Leadership is doing the right things and helping others to be better people and to achieve their maximum performance as individuals and as a team/organization

Leadership starts with self-leadership, recognizing our own strengths and capabilities and put them at the service of the human community. In addition, strong self-leadership plays a key role in women entrepreneurship.

A personal testimony of a servant leader who leads with humility and a sense of humour.


Speaker: Iolanda Marchueta

Iolanda Marchueta is a Ph.D., Senior Advisor and Professor. As an independent consultant, she provides services in the Healthcare/Pharma Industry, Management and Innovation… separately or combined in the Ikigai (where passion, know-how, value and need intersect).

She is a passionate and enthusiastic professional, a Project Leader with over 25 years of International experience in the Biopharma Industry & Health Care sector covering R&D, product launches and business models.

More than 11 years leading cross-functional, cross-cultural, transversal, in-person and remote teams and more than 150 launches worldwide, on time, in full, every time.

More than 18 awards including: Teaching excellence, CEO Awards, Team Hero, Return to Growth, Exceptional Leadership, Outstanding NPI Success

3. Business model: Why Startups fail? Introduction to Lean Startup and Lean experiment Map

Starting a new business can be challenging, and many startups fail to achieve success despite having great ideas and talented teams. To avoid failure, entrepreneurs need to develop a systematic approach to testing and validating their business ideas. The Lean Startup methodology provides a framework for building a successful startup by focusing on experimentation and customer feedback.

The purpose of this conference is to introduce the audience to the Lean Startup methodology and the Lean Experiment Map, which can help startups avoid failure and achieve success.


Speaker: Albert Rivero

Albert Rivero is the Manager of Open Innovation at WORSLEY Acceleration Services. He has extensive experience in business development, strategic planning and company valuations in the life science, especially in the Basque Country, where he has worked hand in hand tech transfer offices and accelerators: BIC Gipuzkoa and SILO Company.

He is also a recurrent evaluator of EU research projects and grants from the Government of Spain. Albert holds a Double Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Business Administration & Management from IQS - Ramon Llull University.

4. Legal & IP: Fundamentals of corporate-SME collaboration strategy

SMEs form a significant part of the economy, and the collaboration between SMEs and large corporations is essential for driving innovation, growth, and overall economic development. Intellectual property is a critical aspect of such collaborations and can determine the success of a business partnership.

The purpose of this presentation  is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of corporate-SME collaboration strategy with emphasis on intellectual property, sharing some best practices in designing and implementing IP strategies, including defining clear ownership and licensing arrangements, as well as establishing effective confidentiality agreements.


Speaker:  Marc Milian

Marc Milian is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in international management consulting. With a focus on entrepreneurship and corporate venturing, he is now the Managing Director of Worsley Acceleration Services.

Prior, Marc served as the Entrepreneurship Manager and Corporate Venturing Director at Esade Creapolis for 8 years, where they played a key role in driving innovation and growth for both SMEs and large corporations.

He has a long track in disruptive innovation projects and investments analysis for top corporations. Former HP and Grupo Planeta Manager. Marc holds a degree in Industrial Engineer and MBA IESE.

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