Doing business in Australia


The most important success driver for export market development is revenue as it helps fix all the liabilities of being a new company. Sales provides net cash flow, client collateral, market-based evidence, brand equity and risk reduction. But establishing client relationships in a different country is not a trivial task.

This short training module introduces the Strategic Sales Flywheel. The core of this concept is taking a learning approach to making sales with a new product in a new market. The session covers how to make complex B2B sales in Australia, including:

  • What sales growth and conversion are possible in 3 years
  • How the right customer value proposition starts the sales flywheel
  • What options for lead generation need to be designed and tested
  • Which pipeline metrics make sense for tracking complex sales
  • How to influence customers to overcome their risk perceptions of new products
  • What makes the difference between sustained growth and stalling

The webinar is organised by CTA, in collaboration with CapFeather, within the framework of ConnectEO project: “Connecting European Earth Observation to International Markets” ( ConnectEO is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020) under the grant agreement No 951124.

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