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The ECCP is pleased to announce that the sixth capacity building webinar for cluster managers will be held on 19 May at 10:30am - 12:30pm CET.

This webinar will focus on the topic of clusters as enablers of ecosystems and ways to engage stakeholders effectively.

Registration is now open!                                                     

Background and objectives

Advancing the green transition, boosting the digital transformation, and building resilience requires the engagement of multiple stakeholders. Clusters can facilitate neutral platforms for collaboration between private companies, public stakeholders, investors, and knowledge institutions to foster innovation and business opportunities.

To achieve this, a cluster needs to be able to reach out to stakeholders and actors. Only a cluster with a well-functioning stakeholder engagement strategy can transform their ecosystem effectively.

Effective stakeholder management is key to realising the full potential of a cluster’s ecosystem. Managed in the right way, ecosystems provide opportunities for clusters to create networks, collaboration, and synergies among their members.

While clusters may find it easy to engage some parts of their ecosystems, many experience challenges to increase the share of actors who actively engage with the cluster and other stakeholders. In their responses to the ECCP Needs Survey, cluster managers highlighted stakeholder management as one of their most important learning needs for 2021.


The objective of this capacity-building webinar is to support cluster managers in their approach to stakeholder management. The webinar will explain to cluster managers why it is important to reflect on their role as enablers in the ecosystem, and how this can be done.

The speakers featured in this webinar will provide a mix of insights into the different tools and methods for engaging stakeholders to enhance the activities of a cluster. In addition, case studies will provide further practical insights from peers.

Target audience

The key target groups for this webinar are cluster managers and cluster staff involved in the services offered by their clusters from COSME-participating countries. The content of the webinar is tailored to these groups. In addition, the webinar also welcomes a wider range of interested people from COSME-participating countries.


At the end of the webinar, participants will have:

  • gained an understanding of the importance of clusters organisation as the enablers of ecosystems;
  • learned about how to develop and redesign relations with core stakeholders;
  • discovered the skills needed and tools available to rethink their role in their ecosystem;
  • discussed common challenges with managing stakeholders in their ecosystem;
  • been inspired by success stories from peers across Europe.

Find the full agenda attached at the bottom of this page.

Register here before 18 May 16h CEST.

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