Finnish Lapland is the northernmost part of the EU. The air in the region has been studied to be the cleanest in the world. The economic backbone of the region is the sustainable utilisation of natural resources and natural conditions.  How has the region been able to develop economic growth and nurture the unique and clean nature? 

With the lead of the Regional Council of Lapland, the Lapland Green Deal roadmap was developed in spring 2021 as a cornerstone in regional development and guides the implementation of EU next generation, structural and rural funding. In addition, the regional COVID-19 exit strategy emphasises the development of green and sustainable development measures, which will support restoring and further strengthening the vitality of the region.   

The 28 May 2021 conference Cleanest Air in the World – Today and Tomorrow showcases what Lapland has already accomplished and what can still be done in the future to boost economic growth and to maintain the cleanest air in the world. The conference demonstrates how regional actions support the implementation of the EU Climate Action and the New European Green Deal, and highlights the work done at the regional ecosystem level involving regional and local authorities, policymakers, clusters, companies, education and R&D organisations.  

The online conference includes sessions in English and Finnish.  All times are EEST (UTC +3).  


9.00–11.00 Session I – The voice of clusters – Arctic smartness clusters supporting SMEs in sustainable growth (in Finnish) 

The first session (in Finnish) will present how Lapland’s smart specialisation clusters ”The Arctic smartness clusters” can support the sustainable growth of companies.  

11.30–13.30 Session II – The voice of research – How research, technology and education boost sustainable development in Lapland (in English) 

The second session (in English) will highlight the efforts of the universities and research organisations in the region in boosting sustainable development.   

14.0016.00 Session III – Interregional cooperation enabling the work in Lapland  towards green tomorrow (in English)  

The third session (in English) sets the green deal work in Lapland into an EU and international context.  

The conference is organised by the Regional Council of Lapland in cooperation with the University of Lapland and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The seminar is an official EU Green Week 2021 side event. 

The conference will be streamed live from Lapland – Above Ordinary!

More information: or [email protected] 

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