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On May 18th 2022, Systematic organizes a webinar focusing on selected calls of the Cluster 3 in Horizon Europe: Civil Security for Society.


Introduction by Julien Ténédos, French National Contact Point for Horizon Europe's Cluster 3 (from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation)

Presentation of selected calls : Horizon Europe Cluster 3 (2021-2022)

Increased Cybersecurity

  • Improved monitoring of threats, intrusion detection and response in complex and heterogeneous digital systems and infrastructures
  • Trustworthy methodologies, tools and data security “by design” for dynamic testing of potentially vulnerable, insecure hardware and software components
  • Transition towards Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
  • Development and validation of processes and tools used for agile certification of ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes);

Disaster Resilient Society

  • Enhanced preparedness and management of High-Impact Low-Probability or unexpected events
  • Improved impact forecasting and early warning systems supporting the rapid deployment of first responders in vulnerable areas); Resilient Infrastrucutre (1 AAP: Autonomous systems used for infrastructure protection)

Resilient Infrastructure

  • Autonomous systems used for infrastructure protection

Other calls in the Cluster 3 (objectives, budgets, funding rates) :

  • Cluster 3 : Fighting Crime and Terrorism, Border Management
  • Digital Europe : Cybersecurity & Trust

Q&A session

PAY ATTENTION: This webinar will be held in French only.

Location and date

Virtual Event

Cluster organisation
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