The workshop aims to discuss the main challenges faced by those who work in the water depuration sector and present some innovative solutions developed within collaborative research projects. The main actors leading with the topic are the policy makers, the local water utilities (which are responsible for the sustainable management and depuration of the water resource) and the innovation providers (companies and RTOs).

Institutions and control bodies will also participate at the event, as well as water utilities (members of the Clust-ER GREENTECH), Industrial Research Laboratories (both private and public) accredited by the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network.

The event will facilitate a discussion between the participants to identify potential collaborative paths aimed at identifying how to advance towards the resolution of the main problems.

 Language of the event: Italian

Expected number of participants is 100.

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Networking options provided: Web streaming

Themes of the event: Innovation and creativity, Resource efficiency/ Eco-innovation/ Circular economy,  water depuration technology

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