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Vojvođanski IKT klaster - VOICT

Serbia: Vojvodina
Milan Šolaja
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About us

Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT provides a single point of contact with the best companies in Serbia, with the total workforce of 6,500 experienced IT professionals working in our member companies. We build long-term relationships based on trust and quality, bringing expertise, experience and passion for excellence to each and every project.

The vision of Vojvodina ICT Cluster is Digital Serbia.

VOICT has internal capacities in the form of the Cluster Academy, education platform guided by needs of the members, as well as the Project Office, specialized in project planning, implementation, and management of national and international projects.

The cluster has an excellent visibility in different spheres of public life and business in Serbia, and a comprehensive global network of contacts, always available to its members.

To its members, Vojvodina ICT Clusters offers the following services:

  • Lobbying and protection of interests of IT companies
  • Promotion of education for IT and digital skills
  • On-the-job education for the members’ employees
  • Assistance in applying for EU, bilateral and other funds
  • Promotion and raising the members’ visibility in target markets
  • Models for building cooperation among the members
  • Opening new markets and business opportunities

Strategic objective of Vojvodina ICT Cluster is to increase visibility of Serbian ICT and put Novi Sad on the regional and European map as the hotbed for ICT in this part of the world.

Activities toward this objective include further strengthening of the association, its positioning as the most relevant Serbian ICT institution within the country and abroad, building ever stronger network of international contacts, creating new business opportunities for the members, compiling and delivering sets of services to members and third parties, lobbying for improvement of business environment in Serbia,  and popularization of ICT both in terms of generating more ICT professionals and enabling more penetration of these technologies throughout other sectors of Serbian economy.

The cluster has its own Academy, organizing courses, presentations and lectures according to the needs of the members, as well as a separate Project Office that grows its projects portfolio and revenues every year, making Vojvodina ICT Cluster leader in excellence among organizations of this type in Serbia.

Established - 19 June 2010
Staff in the management team - 1-5
Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce
  • Vocational training
  • Talent Attraction
  • Involvement in a local skills strategy

Cluster composition

  • 53
    Cluster Members
  • 32
  • 1
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 3
    Large Companies
  • 5
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 2
    Number of civil society members
  • 11
    Other Ecosystem Actors
  • VOICT has appeared at numerous international events which lead to building a solid network of useful contacts
  • USAID-assisted Scandinavia Campaign, 2015
  • GIZ-assisted Germany Tour, 2013
Legal form of the cluster organisation
Registered Association
Languages spoken
English Serbian
Cumulated employment of cluster members
Cumulated exports of cluster members
€ 500000000

Management team

Milan Šolaja
Cluster Manager
Smilja Krajinovic
Smilja Krajinović
ECCP Responsible Person

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Information and communication:J62 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities:J6201 Computer programming activities - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities:J6202 Computer consultancy activities - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities:J6203 Computer facilities management activities - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities:J6209 Other information technology and computer service activities
Cross-sectoral industries
Creative Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Technology fields
G\: Physics:Information and communication technology [ICT] specially adapted for specific application fields - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Y04 - Information or communication technologies having an impact on other technology areas
S3 EU priority areas
Digital transformation:Artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, augmented and virtual reality, visualisation, simulation, gamification & interaction technologies - Digital transformation:Cloud computing and software as a service and service architectures - Digital transformation:Digitising Industry (Industry 4.0, smart and additive manufacturing) - Digital transformation:ICT trust, cyber security & network security


Support services provided

Access to finance: Private funding
Advisory Services
Facilitation of collaboration between members (within the cluster)
Facilitation of external collaboration (beyond cluster) such as matchmaking
Development of human resources, such as staff mobility, access to training

Further information

- VOICT builds international network of contacts and uses it to promote work of its members and internationalize their business.

- VOICT searches for ways to help its members access new markets, find new clients.

- VOICT facilitates cross-sectorial b2b events in cooperation with clusters from other sectors.

- VOICT has established its own Academy that deals with the educational needs of its members' employees, and beyond.

- VOICT has established its own Project Office to find and direct EU, national and other funds toward its own and its members' activities.

Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce

Vocational training - Talent Attraction - Involvement in a local skills strategy

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes
FP7 H2020 CIP/COSME Other

Name & description

1. GIZ-funded linking between German and Serbian IT companies

2. USAID-funded exploration of USA markets and opportunities

3. Cluster Support Programme of the Serbian Government

4. SECEP: Support to Enterprise Competitiveness and Export Promotion programme for clusters in Serbia

Project name

International projects

1. CIRENE – Cross-border ICT Research Network, IPA CBC HU-SRB

2. CompComp – Computer Industry Competency Based Cross-border Business Building, IPA CBC HU-SRB

3. PPP4BroadBand – Tackling the “Broadband Gap” in SEE Rural areas through PPP model, IPA SouthEastEurope (SEE)

4. ICT ICE – ICT Innovation Clustering and Entrepreneurship, IPA SouthEastEurope (SEE)


6. Cluster Academy, USAID

7. Center of Excellence, USAID

8. Fostering students’ entrepreneurship and open innovation in university – industry collaboration – iDEA Lab, TEMPUS

9. FRACTALS – Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications in Balkans, FP7


11. DA-SPACE – Open Innovation to raise Entrepreneurship skills and Public Private Partnership in Danube Region, Danube Transnational Programme. ERDF, IPA, ENI

12. CHECK-IT – Establishing innovation-technology platform “Checkpoint IT the Community, Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia

13. Block.IS – Catalyzing Blockchain Innovation, Horizon2020

14. PUZZLE, Towards a Sophisticated SIEM Marketplace for Blockchain-based Threat Intelligence and Security-as-a-Service, Horizon2020

15. WBC-RRI.NET – Embedding RRI in Western Balkan Countries: Enhancement of Self-Sustaining R&I Ecosystems, Horizon2020

National projects

16. Project for newly established innovative clusters in 2010, MoERD (Ministry of Economy and Regional Development)

17. Development of 6 curricula for Cluster Academy, MoERD

18. Improvement of existing video surveillance system for the city of Novi Sad Pilot project, MoERD

19. CeBIT Appearance, Vojvodina Government

20. PO capacities raising, Information system development for communication between VOICT’s members, Vojvodina Government

21. SoftBizz, RNIDS 4PI

22. Study IT, RNIDS 4PI

23. Co-financing approved EU projects, improvement Project Office performance, support competitiveness growth via support to clustering, Vojvodina Government

24. Compilation of feasibility study for connecting VOICT members via fiber optic infrastructure of the City of Novi Sad, NARD (National Agency for Regional Development)

25. DanubeIT conference and B2B meetings, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries

South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United States

Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites


Further information

VOICT undertakes it all - from promotional activities, over participation in fairs/b2b events/missions, to using EU, national and other sources of support to help our members in internationalization process, development of new product/services and increase of their visibility.

International support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

Further information

VOICT undertakes it all - from promotional activities, over participation in fairs/b2b events/missions, to using EU, national and other sources of support to help our members in internationalization process, development of new product/services and increase of their visibility.

Membership in cluster networks, meta clusters and national associations of clusters

Membership in Cluster Partnerships or initiatives

Upcoming events

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