Virtual Partnering & Ideas Event - METABUILDING 1st GROW/HARVEST CALL (online event)

International cross-border contacts are more important today than ever.

  • You wish to participate in the METABUILDING GROW/HARVEST Call that finances collaborative cross-border innovation projects with up to € 60k (https://www.metabuilding.com/grow-harvest-call/) but are missing an SME partner from another country?

We offer you the opportunity to find a project partner that has the requested expertise and to present yourself as a potential partner to others.

The Virtual Partnering & Ideas Event is organized in line with the challenges of the GROW/HARVEST Call to allow you to easily identify the potential partners interested in the same topic. If you are offering expertise that could be applied in different challenges, you have the possibility to present your expertise in a separate transversal session.

Please find the provisional agenda of the Virtual Partnering & Ideas Event on the following website:  https://www.metabuilding.com/partnering-event/

If you want to pitch (give a short presentation) as an SME that is looking for a partner or as an SME that wants to offer its expertise as a partner to another SME or simply would like to participate in the event as a listener, please register on the website.Please note that the Virtual Partnering & Ideas Event will be held in English and the indicated time slots may change slightly based on the interest in the different challenges and topics. It is necessary to register in order to receive the link for the event.

Further information and templates for pitches are also available on this website. Pitches must be submitted no later than July 15th (noon) and are accepted on a first come first pitch basis with a priority for SMEs.

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