Upgrade your Cluster's Capacity Building Efforts in 2022

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 15 December 2021

The ECCP has just published the new Guide on Capacity Building for Clusters to provide clusters with ideas on how to lead the green transition, accelerate the digital uptake, and build resilience within their ecosystems. Designed as a hands-on tool focusing on the essentials, this Guide is intended to offer cluster managers with practical insights in an accessible manner, featuring concrete suggestions for actions and good practice examples.  

The Guide reflects on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on clusters and highlights the outstanding role clusters play in the recovery process. At the core of the Guide, three Segments of Actions present practical ideas, tools and resources clusters can use to drive the twin transition and enhance resilience. Cluster managers from several EU clusters share their experiences and insights in interviews and case studies. With special focus on collaboration, upskilling, and internationalisation, the Guide operationalises some of the related recommendations of the European Expert Group on Clusters

The Guide seeks to inspire the community to upgrade their capacity building efforts in 2022, complementing the 2020-2021 series of capacity building webinars of the ECCP. It contains many links and references to additional resources and tools that can help clusters going forward.  

You can find the guide attached below.

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