UFO takes off with excellent results

Submitted by ECCP Team on 07 April 2022

We are delighted to be taking a moment to recognise the success of the UFO project. The project, which is part of the European Cluster Partnerships | Innovation initiative, has completed twenty-five projects with sixty-six different SMEs and provided direct support to SMEs at a total of € 3.037.944

The European Cluster Partnerships | Innovation initiative is designed to address the challenge of developing new cross-sectoral industrial value chains across the EU. It achieves this by building upon the innovation potential of SMEs and supporting the development of emerging industries. 

This particular project, the UFO project, aims to support European SMEs develop innovative products and services by integrating new technological solutions and know-how provided by Small Flying Objects (SFO) and related digital technologies. Drones, high altitude platforms systems and small satellites are all included under the bracket of the terms SFOs. 

Targeting six emerging industries, namely Blue Growth, Digital Creative & Gaming, Mobility, Climate, Finance & Insurance, Environment, the project works by offering support to European SMEs via the provision of Financial Support to Third Parties (called a Voucher scheme) and innovation services provided by UFO Cluster partners. 

The direct funding to the SME beneficiaries is €3.037.944 with the percentage distribution to UFO partners’ countries standing at 9% to Bulgaria, 27% to France, 19% Greece, 7% Romania and 38% to the UK. 

Below is a visual summary of the incredible success this project has achieved over its two calls for proposals. 

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