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Transylvania Energy Cluster

Romania: North-West (Romania)
Oana Raita
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About us

Specific objectives

• Collaboration, exchange of information and know-how between companies, local, regional and central public authorities and other institutions in the field of renewable energies;

• Better capitalization of research results by implementing joint projects;

• Development of a common knowledge base;

• Development and implementation of a common development strategy;

• Representing the interests of the members of the association towards third parties;

• Supported the development of companies in the field, the establishment of new companies and the attraction of new investments in the fields of interest;

• Collaboration with research and innovation institutions and with vocational, secondary and higher education institutions, in order to adapt the educational programs to the present and perspective requirements of the labor market;

• Collaboration with other clusters in the country and abroad, in order to achieve strategic partnerships;

• Development and / or implementation of projects with European, national and / or third party funding in order to develop the cluster;

• Promoting environmental protection through the activities of cluster members;

• Organizing and facilitating participation in human resources training programs through training courses in the field;

• Organizing technical-economic missions in the country and abroad with specialists in the field;

• Development of integrated marketing activities by participating in conferences, symposia and workshops, editing promotional materials and participating with joint stands at national and international fairs and exhibitions;

• Generating a flow of relevant information in the field (legislation, financing, technology, etc.)

Established - 02 June 2015
Staff in the management team - 1-5
Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce
  • Mentoring

Cluster composition

  • 40
    Cluster Members
  • 28
  • 1
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 3
    Large Companies
  • 6
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 2
    Number of civil society members
  • 3
    Other Ecosystem Actors

Enhancing Cluster Capacity to research and innovate in the alternative energy domain   

The new cluster management team succed to applied for a project with structural founds in order to increase the research capacity of the clusters members to develop and innovate in the alternative energy domain. The results of the project were positive and TREC cluster will receive the amount of money necessar to implement an mixt alternative experimental park (solar and wind).

In this project will be implies members of the clusters such as research institutes, sme’s and also the municipality.

The impact of the project will be very important from our point of view because will increase the possibility to have results directly from the sites. We want to have real results concerning production and consumption of energy provided by alternative resources.

This park is the first one in Transylvania and also in  Romania and we think that will increase the trust of stakeholders in renewable resources. In the future if the results are pleaseable we want to replicate this form where we have possibilities and where is needed.

Our idea was to produce energy from alternative sources in the place where is consumed to decrease the costs with storage and transport.

Also the cofinancibility of this project is coming from a cluster member, Cluj Innovation Park which will be the direct beneficiary of the energy produced there.

In the future we intend to try to create an sustainable community energetically independent and to create a small community which will be integrated in smart city concept in that area.

Also in this project we will have an special amount of money for cluster animation activities.

This will include a new website for promoting clusters activities, publicity, we will organize trainings for cluster’s members in the energy area.

Also we wiil try to attract research personnel in the energy domain through courses with young reseachers and masteral students.

Also we will mantain the internationalization activities of the cluster trying to

continuously expanded its EU networking and cooperation, through the participation and representation of its member companies in events related with there interests. 

Enhancing Clusters Capacity of the North –West area to innovate and cooperate

With the other clusters located in North-West region of Romania we formed a consortium named “ Transylvania Clusters Consortium” in order to improve collaboration between our members and to improve the impact of the clusters in the area. We initiate a trans-sectorial cooperation in order to increase competitiviness and to increase added value for our members.

We signed an agreement between:

Cluster Mobilier Transilvan / www.mobiliertransilvan.ro, AgroTransilvania Cluster / www.agrocluster.ro, iTechTransilvania Cluster / http://itech.aries-transilvania.ro/, CLUSTER TREC - Transylvania Energy Cluster / www.trec-cluster.ro, Cluster Gusturi Transilvane / www.gusturi-transilvane.ro and Transilvania LifeStyle Cluster / www.transilvanialifestyle.ro.

The members of the consortium clusters represent 258 entities, in the economic, research and innovation and the institutional fields. Companies represented by these clusters have more than 18,000 employees and a cumulative turnover 1.3 billion euros.

We try to increase the impact of the clusters in the area, by a trans-sectorial cooperation in order to increase the living level of our comunity.

We intend to imply also the public authorities to help clusters to respond to the memeber’s needs and also to create (where is possible) facilities for the clusters members.

We think that together we have a different succes and we want to work better and to increase the internalisation of our memebers by representing them in different events.

Cluster’s consoritum will try to organize an  international conference in Transylvania in order  to give the possibility to its members to present their work , also with visits at there activity sites and also to increase the cooperation between members in the area or from abroad. 

Legal form of the cluster organisation
Registered Association
Languages spoken
English Romanian
Link to the team description on the cluster organisation website

Management team

Alexandra Stoica
Cluster Manager
Oana Raita
Cluster Manager
Mihaela Coroiu
Project Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Professional, scientific and technical activities:M72 Scientific research and development
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Cross-sectoral industries
Digital Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Alliances:Low carbon industries Ecosystems:Energy Intensive Industries
Technology fields
H\: Electricity:Generation, conversion, or distribution of electric power
S3 EU priority areas
Sustainable innovation:Bioeconomy - Sustainable innovation:Resource efficiency - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable energy & renewables

Key members


Support services provided

Support of Research, Development and Innovation

Further information

We provide to our members acces to internationalization and cooperation by presenting their offer to meetings in the area.

Also we try to help them imrove their bussines and innovate.

Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce


Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

Operational Competitivity Programme- Structural Founds 

Horizon 2020

Danube Interreg

Project name

Enhanced trust in alternative Energy by builduing a demonstrative mix energy platform in EU Countries; Acronym: TRACE (trust alternative combined energy) Activity: H2020-EE-2015-CSA  

Energy City based on Smart Buildings-ECOS-B

PA3. Better connected and energy responsible Danube region

POC Projects (2014 - 2020) . 1. CITAT-E - Innovative Cluster for Advanced Pilot Technologies in Alternative Energies

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transnational support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

Further information

We participate during last year in Gyor, Wien, Leipzig at meetings with other entities in order to establish cooperatiion on European programmes.

Membership in cluster networks, meta clusters and national associations of clusters

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Trec Donau

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