TOOLAS is a partner in the EU project Photonics4industry and a major part of this project is to bring companies from the different partner clusters together through the clusterXchange scheme. We are organizing a 3-day visit in September 21-23 in Vilnius in order to offer partnership opportunities and learn best practices from different companies through networking but also workshops.

The event will be partially combined with the Baltic Photonics (September 21st-23th) that is a platform that has bring together photonics experts and leaders from around the world to discuss various developments, applications, and challenges in the world of laser micromachining, photonics, and cutting-edge laser technology. Representatives of cross-sectorial industries are welcome to join the conference to share their products, ideas, and look for potential partners as well as discussing key challenges and needs. This year’s conference will consist of 3 main parts: ConferenceB2B events (short meeting sessions, long coffee breaks, evening events); Field visits to companies located in Vilnius.

Registration to event can already be made, all the information can be found at and the separated registration to the ClusterXchange event can be done through the CXC IT Tool, and you can contact Renata Norbutaite-Juriene by email to [email protected] if you need more information.

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