Third Cluster Congress in Colombia - 19-20 September 2018

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INNcluster 2018 will be held in September in Bucaramanga, this will be a space that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, good international practices, representative experiences, the creation of strategic projects and the identification of trends on competitive development based on cluster methodologies, that will contribute to the economic and social growth of the country.

The congress, which is the third in Colombia, is the result of a long-lasting process, to develop clusters in the country.

Initially, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism supported cluster development through its innovation agency: iNNpulsa Colombia. Since 2012 iNNpulsa Colombia is working on the Competitive Routes programme, designed so that companies, from the redefinition of their strategy, identify more attractive and sophisticated business segments in which to compete.

As a result of the programme, 51 clusters were created in 22 of the 32 departments of the country. iNNPulsa developed a methodology to reinforce cluster competitiveness. This methodology was applied in the 22 departments to more than 50 professionals and more than 500 companies participated.

In addition, within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement signed between the Private Competitiveness Council and iNNpulsa Colombia with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Cluster Network Colombia (Red Cluster Colombia) was launched.

More than 70 Cluster Initiatives registered. Since 2016, the clusters of the network are assessed regularly to report on the degree of maturity and development of the cluster initiatives in Colombia and a congress is organised each year.

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