This year’s Summit will highlight the nexus between cross-border infrastructure, geopolitics, and digital technologies, specifically, the agenda revolves around three key pillars:

1) Enhancing trust and transparency to make large-scale cross-border infrastructure investments attractive to the private sector to boost economic growth and to facilitate the digital transformation. Private sector is the strength of democratic countries and market economies.

2) Empowering governments to take ownership of their digital futures by building more effective and cost-efficient digital government services.

3) Protecting our digital societies by contemplating a minimum threshold for governments to allocate to cybersecurity. Given our reliance on digital technologies, this would be a feasible and significant step toward mitigating cyber threats. Estonia has the know-how to create trust through digital means. We shall discuss how to utilise trust, transparency, and the free flow of data to make large-scale, crossborder infrastructure investments trustworthy and attractive to the private sector in an effort to boost economic growth, interstate cohesion, and regional security.

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Register today to get involved
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