Systematic Paris Region

France: Île-de-France


Created in 2005, Systematic Paris-Region innovation and technology cluster brings together and promotes an ecosystem of excellence in software and digital technologies with over 800 members.  Systematic connects stakeholders and boosts digital projects through collaborative innovation, SME development, business sourcing, across a range of strategic sectors: energy, telecoms, healthcare, transport, information systems, factory of the future, digital city and security.  The cluster promotes its members, region and innovation projects, with the aim of raising their profile and enhancing the attractiveness of the Paris-Region area and ecosystem.

The cluster and its projects are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the French State (Direccte) and Paris Region Council.

Systematic Paris Region has faciliated the development of 534 R&D projects representing a global R&D support of 2.78 billion€ and an aggregated public effort from the State, its agencies, the National Research Agency, EUREKA, BPI France, local authorities and the ERDF representing more thant 1,01 billion€. Digital technologies.

Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply - Water supply; sewerage; waste managment and remediation activities - Water collection, treatment and supply - Sewerage - Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery - Remediation activities and other waste management services - Accommodation and food service activities - Accommodation - Food and beverage service activities - Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products - Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products - Manufacture of electrical equipment - Real estate activities - Professional, scientific and technical activities - Legal and accounting activities - Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities - Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis - Scientific research and development - Advertising and market research - Other professional, scientific and technical activities - Veterinary activities - Administrative and support service activities - Rental and leasing activities - Employment activities - Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities - Security and investigation activities - Services to buildings and landscape activities - Office administrative, office support and other business support activities
Micro/nano electronics - Sensory systems - Photonics and imaging technologies - Communication networks - Cyber physical systems - Internet of things - Artificial intelligence - Cyber security - Advanced, or high performance computing - Big data, data analytics, data handling - Virtual, augmented and extended reality - Simulation, modelling and digital twins - Software as a service and service architectures - Additive manufacturing