Survey: European semiconductor value chain consultation

Submitted by ECCP Team on 27 October 2022


Semiconductors are essential to the functioning of our modern economy and society. Within the past years, the Union has witnessed unprecedented disruptions in their supply, which have led to serious delays and other negative effects on important economic sectors, including delays to the repair and maintenance of essential products for critical sectors.

In this context, the European Commission published on 8 February 2022 the European Chips Act Package to address the global semiconductor crisis, create an attractive environment for investment and strengthen Europe's technological leadership along the semiconductor value chain. The package includes a Recommendation with immediate effect to enable the rapid and coordinated monitoring of the European semiconductor value chain, focussing on risks that may disrupt, compromise, or negatively affect the supply of semiconductors.


To implement the above-mentioned Recommendation, the European Semiconductor Expert Group has been set up. This group aims to facilitate rapid and effective information exchange between the Member States and the Commission on market developments that put Union supplies at risk and to foster a coordinated crisis response. The expert group has already started its activity, which includes a consultation on the semiconductor value chain implemented via a voluntary survey, which builds on the results of a first stakeholder survey on European chip demand.


We would like to invite you to participate in the consultation.

It will remain open until 11 November.

Following this link, you will find more background information and access the survey.

Who can participate

The survey is addressed to both European stakeholders active in the semiconductor supply chain and to end-user companies that rely on the supply of semiconductors to conduct their activities. It aims at gathering information to monitor and anticipate current and potential disruptions. The survey is designed to collect non-confidential information only.

How the survey will help

Once the consultation is complete, the European Commission together with Member States will analyse the results, with the objective to better understand the situation of all stakeholders taking part in the European semiconductor ecosystem. The more companies respond, the better the analysis will be. This work should ultimately contribute to increasing the resilience of the semiconductor value chain through a better identification of risks of disruption.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and remain at your disposal for any question or comment you may have.

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