StandICT Fellowship Programme: Apply for the third open call

DEADLINE: 18 May 2021 2023 is an EU framework project with the central goal of ensuring a neutral, reputable, pragmatic and fair approach to supporting European states’ presence in the international ICT standardisation scene.

By utilising digital processes with external experts, as well as a quality controller to guarantee transparency and efficiency through its strategic network (with SMEs and other actors), 2023 addresses the specific challenges of reinforcing the European presence in international ICT standardisation.

3rd Open Call

At the heart of this objective, the Fellowship Programme, through a series of 10 open calls, will provide €3 million through a cascade grant process.  

The theme for the 3rd open call focuses on innovation in the climate domain, which is critical in today’s digital-driven society.

Who can apply?

The 2023 calls are open to individuals residing in EU Member States and associate countries from the public and private sectors, industry and service companies (including SMEs and start-ups, academia and research), and national and European associations (including NGOs representing consumer interests).

In particular, the target of open calls are European specialists who:

  • have profound knowledge in one of the priority areas covered by the Open Calls;
  • have experience regarding the development of ICT standards;
  • are not receiving support from other instruments for the proposed activities, and are not being funded from other sources for an identical activity.


There are 3 types of funding:

  • Long-term: The contract lasts up to 6 months and attributed funding is €5,000–€10,000. 
  • Short-term: The contract lasts up to 3 months and attributed funding is €3,000–€7,000.
  • One-shot: Participation in a workshop or an event, and funding up to €3,000.

Projects contributing to specific ICT standards can request up to €10,000 of financial support. StandICT will announce 7 new cascading open calls, and the same applicants can apply for funding in several calls.

The deadline for the 3rd open call is 18 May at 17:00 CET. The evaluation and contract preparation phase for successful candidates will take at least 6 weeks. 

You can find the full list of topics and apply to the open call here.

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